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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sewing Treadle Base Turned Table

                My flee market savvy mother happens to own 3 old sewing machine treadle bases AND a lot of vintage suitcases. After seeing these I thought why not turn the treadle base into a table?! I really needed a piece of furniture in my room anyways..... not! (But hey when you make something cool, you MAKE room! haha) I also thought why not use a suitcase as the "table" part?! So an idea was born.
And here's my process...

This is the original treadle base I used as the base of the table.
I added 2 pieces of 2x4's that I stained a color that semi matched the metal. I then cut the pieces of wood to size. 
**If you don't have equipment for cutting pieces of wood, Home Depot or Lowes will cut it for you... How nice of them! :) 
                 I found a suitcase that fit. Yay me!
 And TA-DA!!..... wait is that really how you spell that? Anyway... Finished project!!! (of course you already saw it at the first, so it really doesn't deserve a "Ta-DA" because that implies a surprise.... dagummit.)
                  There's also a shelf.... WHAT!
(By the by, I'm fairly certain that adding a type writer to ANYTHING makes it spectacular! 
I highly recommend the purchase of one as soon as possible.)

....and it's all "For the Love of Clever" :)


  1. ahahaha! you make me laugh:) and I love how this turned out!
    our typewriters are incredibly similar only I think yours is just a little older than mine.

    1. Heehee GOOD! I'm glad it made you laugh. And yes ours are fairly similiar! I just love them. :)


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