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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sequin-ifying :)

    One of the biggest fads right now I'm sure y'all have realized is using sequins on clothes..... I have whole heartedly joined that band wagon!! Over the Christmas season I wanted a project that I could do while I watched Christmas movies. So off to my local Goodwill store I went....

      I found this shirt with the perfect collar for my idea.

Then began my project of sequin-ifying the collar. I bought some green sequins and had some green thread and simply hand sewed on the sequins. Time consuming, but super easy and actually 
pretty fun! :) I also glued a sequin onto the middle of the 
buttons that went up the front. 

Fun fact: in the sequin packets there are almost ALWAYS sequins mixed in that don't have a hole in the middle. I think they are just duds that get into the bag- either way it works out great because I use those non-hole-y sequins all the time- like on the buttons of this shirt! 

~Finished project and styling~ 

Shout out to Susannah Flautt Photography for 
the photo shoot pictures!


And it's all for the love of Clever :)

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