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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Copper Tape necklaces!

    I was inspired by "copper tape" (a.k.a. Stain glass foil), to make some pendants!

($7.99 at Hobby Lobby- They also have black and aluminum.)

Off I went in search of pendant materials to 
cover in COPPER TAPE.
I found this piece of "sea glass" in Maine.  (I believe it's a broken piece of an old 20th century bottle.)
(p.s. I ADORE Sea glass!) 
This believe it or not, I found in my drive way. :) So classy I know! haha

Here's my process...
Covering it is super easy. Just make sure you press it down well around all of the edges!
For rounded objects like this, I wrapped the tape around the top of it. 
(With more weighty items you might need to glue the copper tape down.)

And now to make the hook that attaches the pendant to it's chain... 

I used .26 gauge.
Cut a small piece of copper wire.
I used needle nose pliers to make the perfect "circle". (If you don't have these pliers then get them ASAP! They are very useful.)
Then, while still holding the wire with the pliers, twist the ends 3 or 4 times.

I glued the "circle hook" on the back of the glass using super glue.
  You could also use hot glue though it might not be as sturdy.  
...and you're DONE! 
The possibilities are endless! You can turn practically ANYTHING into a pendant. I hope you have fun creating your own necklaces and remember that even things from your drive way can turn into something clever. :)

Here's how I wear mine!
(And it would seem that I can't ever wear one necklace at a time.)

....and it's all "For the Love of Clever" :)
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