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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Inspired By: Brooches

Inspired By: Brooches!

  I have been collecting brooches for years and years and I've normally just used them for when I do 1860's reenacting (They always wore brooches at the neck closure of their bodices). Just recently however I've gotten into using them in modern ways. 

My newest obsession is putting brooches in my hair!

*To hold the brooch in place, stick hair pins through the brooch's bar pin on the back. Make sure the pin part on the brooch is "locked" so it doesn't slip through the hair pins and fall out.  

 You can find gorgeous brooches, new or old, EVERYWHERE 
...So go to an antique store, estate sale, flea market, yard sale or your grandmother's jewelry box and find some brooches!!

Put them in your hair, use them as belt clasps, put them on chains as pendants.... Who knows what ideas you may think up! 
Have fun with it and always...... Be Clever. :) 


And it's all for the love of Clever. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sequin-ifying :)

    One of the biggest fads right now I'm sure y'all have realized is using sequins on clothes..... I have whole heartedly joined that band wagon!! Over the Christmas season I wanted a project that I could do while I watched Christmas movies. So off to my local Goodwill store I went....

      I found this shirt with the perfect collar for my idea.

Then began my project of sequin-ifying the collar. I bought some green sequins and had some green thread and simply hand sewed on the sequins. Time consuming, but super easy and actually 
pretty fun! :) I also glued a sequin onto the middle of the 
buttons that went up the front. 

Fun fact: in the sequin packets there are almost ALWAYS sequins mixed in that don't have a hole in the middle. I think they are just duds that get into the bag- either way it works out great because I use those non-hole-y sequins all the time- like on the buttons of this shirt! 

~Finished project and styling~ 

Shout out to Susannah Flautt Photography for 
the photo shoot pictures!


And it's all for the love of Clever :)

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