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Friday, October 19, 2012

Art idea: USE TACKS!

 I found some tacks the other day--> ( am employing the southern usage of that term, "the other day", meaning I probably found them MONTHS ago....) They inspired me and I thought they'd look cool in art projects. They add a 3D element and they hold things in place without using glue, and I will take ANY excuse to NOT use glue!!
 Now in my attempt to be clever, I decided to paint them. BRILLIANT! wait uh.... I mean CLEVER! Anyways... I can now match my tacks to any projects I do(examples of what I mean are at the end of this post).

Here's the "How To" folks:
              -Stick the tacks into small pieces of card board to dip the tacks into the paint.

(Painting the tacks with a brush wouldn't work as well because it would be too streaky and take several coats and I'm all for ways to minimize the necessity of multiple coats.)
-After the paint dries, paint Modge
 Podge on top so the paint doesn't chip.

Fun fact: I hardly EVER 
wash my paint trays~

*For sparkly tacks: 
    Dust any kind of glitter over the wet, already "dipped-in-paint" tack before you paint on the Modge Podge. (I chose to match the paint with the glitter when I did my sparkly tacks, but you could always have a yellow tack with blue glitter or some such combination. Be creative with it!)  

...and that ladies and gentlemen is the most simple 
instructions I will probably ever give... Have fun yall!  

~Here are the tacks I did~


These are some of the projects I did using tacks.

(Canvas art collage)
(Card stock, feather, and quote are mounted on a wooden plaque, held in place with tacks.) 
(Quote: "Awake My Soul", Mumford and Sons)

....and it's all "For the Love of Clever" :)


  1. oh my goodness!! I adore the two plaques/pieces of art you created!! Those are so beautiful & you are so talented! You could sell those!

  2. Thank you!!! It would be such fun to make a bunch of those plaques and sell them.... one of these days I might just sit down and CREATE all day long!. <3

  3. OHHHHH love the sparkly ones.... bet you knew I was gonna say that! LOL!

  4. OH yes! I mean the sparkly are FABULOUS!!! ;)


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